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The Psychic Next Door

A professional clairvoyant and certified hypnotherapist, Camille has been clairvoyant all of her life and enjoys a highly respected and successful private reading and teaching practice with clients all over the world. She travels frequently to conduct readings and present workshops on a number of empowerment areas, such as Manifesting your Dreams, Dream Interpretation and Working with Universal Signs.

Camille has served as an advisor on cases with local and federal law enforcement agencies, has been featured on ABC News and is a frequent guest on radios programs nationwide.


Camille is clairvoyant, clairsentient and clairaudient. She utilizes all of these skills in her readings. She is also a full conscious medium and those on the other side frequently choose to share messages through Camille during readings.

Clairvoyant readings with Camille are direct, empowering and accurate. Camille communicates the highest guidance available for her clients. The information that comes through at the time of a reading is the information that most needs to be addressed in the lives of clients in the present moment - all with the intention of assisting clients in creating the life they most desire.

Readings last one hour. By appointment only, in person, by phone, Facetime or Skype. Camille works with clients all over the world.


Camille is well versed and trained in the tenets of Feng Shui and adept at space clearing and set up. Be it new installations, redecorating or planning, Camille is available to ensure the best energetic flow and alignment for any space.​

By appointment only, in person or by Facetime or Skype. Camille works with clients all over the world.


Camille teaches internationally on a number of empowerment areas. Camille's classes help clients learn to trust their own intuition in a safe and comfortable environment.


What's Luck Got to Do With It


In this class, participants identify what they truly wish to manifest in their lives, examine the role fear plays in blocking manifestation, and provides powerful tools to create the life one wishes to live.


Trusting Your Intuition


This class provides participants techniques to develop and truth their personal intuition.


Dream Interpretation


This class provides participants with tools to unlock and identify dream messages.




 "You have truly helped to put me in such a better place, I can't seem to find the words, but I sure thank you! I've found an inner strength in me, thanks to you. You helped me see a lot of things clearly."

— Shannon

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For more information regarding readings, Feng Shui consultations or classes please contact me by email utilizing the form below or by telephone at (734) 649-1817. I look forward to hearing from you! 

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